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Keep a French Journal - French Project

There are any number of ways to practice French every day, and one easy and interesting one is to keep a French journal. This project, which can be done in class or independently, is fully adaptable for any level and duration.


  1. Choose format: Notebook, loose-leaf binder, page-a-day calendar, etc.
  2. Decide how much and what to write every day (see Customization, below).
  3. Be motivated - write in the journal every day.


  • Level/Effort: Any - depending on what you write about:

    - Beginners can describe what they are doing today (simple present, aller + infinitive).

    - Intermediates can also write about what they will do tomorrow, convert the previous day's present tense entry into the past, talk about what they may and must do today.

    - Advanced students can add opinions, debates, current events, etc
  • Length/Duration: Any - One month, six months, ongoing

 Adapted from about.com


                           Good Luck in your french study

عناوین آخرین یادداشت ها